About Us

Audio Enhancement, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Claudia Anderson with the simple idea that “learning begins with hearing.” As the mother of two hearing impaired children, Claudia wanted to provide them with the best education possible. She began to design audio systems to aid hearing impaired children in the classroom. It quickly became clear that the use of sound reinforcement would help all the students in the classroom. Classroom Audio Systems allow the teacher’s voice to be heard clearly, no matter where the students sit in the classroom. Audio Enhancement’s mission is to equip every classroom with the technology needed to empower learning at the highest level.40 Years as Industry Leader

Audio Enhancement has been a leader in the industry for nearly 40 years.

Inspired by the success of students and teachers, Audio Enhancement patented their infrared sound technology. The company continues to innovate new solutions reaching all students and enhancing learning styles. Listening to customer requests and feedback, Audio Enhancement developed audio, video and instructional tools to help facilitate success for schools, teachers and students. Today, Audio Enhancement continues to be owned and operated by the Anderson family.

Industry-leading Solutions for Empowered Learning

Some of Audio Enhancement’s key solutions include:

VIEWpath (Video Interactive Education Window): VIEWpath is a professional development platform designed to help teachers enhance instruction through personal video. Teachers access VIEWpath to record, store and share lessons. VIEWpath enables teachers to reflect, analyze, and enhance instruction, paving the way for efficient professional growth. Teachers have the flexibility to choose lessons to share with coaches, PLCs, or administrators for insightful feedback and tips.

SAFE System (Security Alert For Education): With one solution to alert, record and monitor situations, the SAFE System helps schools prevent incidents, respond appropriately and timely, and provide recorded videos for incident investigations. The SAFE System combines a discreet alert button for teachers and school staff, a classroom camera to record and stream incidents, along with a monitoring station to provide critical information to first responders.

Classroom Audio Solutions: Distributing sound, amplifying lessons, and providing instruction, Audio Solutions from Audio Enhancement provide classrooms a robust system that can be customized for each learning environment. Proven to improve attention and time on-task, Audio Solutions combine a teacher microphone, student pass-around microphone, receiver, and amplifier to help students hear and participate in the lesson from anywhere in the room, and help to reduce teacher fatigue and stress.

Intercom, Paging, and Bells: A great school-wide communication system fully integrates into the IP network to provide full command and control of your school, in addition to ensuring reliable communication between administrators, teachers, and students. Our IP-based products utilize full, hands-free duplex audio, allowing for effortless communication between the teacher and the office. Using these products allows a school to replace traditional intercom and paging systems entirely. Administrators can program bell schedules without the need for a specialized technician.

Innovation with Expertise

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At Audio Enhancement, our experts are our customers. We listen to your needs and feedback, and then innovate our products and services to stay ahead. We have team members around the world ready to help schools, classrooms, and teachers utilize our audio, safety, and instructional technology. In the event of an issue, our teams are standing by ready and able to find a solution.

Awards and Recognition

Every year, Audio Enhancement’s programs receive top honors for innovation and excellence. We’ve received the Best of Orlando Award seven years in a row (2009-2015) for best equipment and supplies, the 2014 IMS Global Impact Learning Gold Award through Newton County School District, 2013 Knights of Heroes Award, 2013 Business Partner of the Year Award from Charter Schools USA, and the 2009 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence.

In addition, Audio Enhancement and our solutions have been mentioned on CNN, CNN Headline News, CBS Evening News Report, and multiple regional news stations.

Visit the Awards page to see all awards that Audio Enhancement has received.

Audio Enhancement Enhances Learning for All Students

As an industry leader in public and private school education, Audio Enhancement takes our mission of enhancing learning for all students to heart. From delivering holistic solutions that focus on classroom interactions and individualized learning to providing safe school communication solutions, the teams at Audio Enhancement work toward the same vision of helping schools, teachers, and students succeed each and every day.