Science Behind Sound

What is Sound Enhancement?

Sound Enhancement is the installation of an easy to use infrared wireless microphone system in a learning environment to distribute the teachers natural soothing voice throughout the room, so that every student can hear better, and thus perform better! Sound Enhancement has far reaching effects including higher test scores, increased retention of information, fewer behavioral issues, decreased teacher absenteeism, and much, much more!

Why Amplify with Sound Enhancement?

The basics of learning begin with hearing. This concept is so fundamental that we often take it for granted and overlook its importance. Studies show that on average teachers spend over 6 hours talking during the school day. Additionally, students spend much of their time listening to other students in group discussions and watching (and listening to) multimedia presentations. Imagine if, during all the auditory stimuli, students do not learn because they cannot fully hear what is being taught, explained, or shared. Audio Enhancement has developed a solution that dramatically improves the ability for students to hear the teacher in today’s noisy classrooms and will directly impact your students’ academic achievement. The classroom should be a place where students can devote their full attention to learning without wasting energy trying to hear the teacher and filling in the gaps of missing information. By investing in a classroom audio system, you are investing in a technology solution that will benefit every classroom.

The Inverse Square Law

Sound DECREASES 6 dB every time the distance is doubled The Inverse Square Law states that as the distance doubles, the dispersing of a single source spreads over four times the area becoming only ¼ of its intensity. Just as you would not use one light bulb to illuminate a classroom, a teacher or student’s voice is not a sufficient source of sound. Since 60-70% of all learning is auditory the need for Audio Enhancement in the  classroom is imperative to raise test scores and increase academic achievement.

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