AE’s Classroom Audio Systems Make the Grade At Ron Clark Academy

Unique Academy Offers Best Practices and Tools for Innovative Learning Environment, Including Infrared Sound Systems.

Salt Lake City, UT (October 18, 2007) – He’s been named Disney’s Teacher of the Year, he’s written a best-selling book, he’s been on the Oprah Show and TNT made a television movie about him.  And his new school, scheduled to open this Fall, is equipped with advanced education enhancement systems from Audio Enhancement  because Ron Clark, the award-winning educator and founder of the Ron Clark Academy, understands how kids learn best.
“If you really want to level the playing field and provide the best learning environment for all students, then an Audio Enhancement system is a necessity for every classroom,” said Clark.  “We have had the opportunity and freedom to design the Ron Clark Academy in the best way that we, as teachers, know a school should be built.  Our team knew from the beginning that the technology that Audio Enhancement provides was a major requirement that would play a key role in the success of our students and our school.”

The state-of-the-art school, based in Atlanta, offers unique curriculum for 5th through 8th grade students from low income areas who have potential but are not succeeding for various reasons.  As part of the curriculum, students travel on international trips each year with the intent of visiting six of the seven continents by the time they reach the 8th grade.

The advanced audio systems from Audio Enhancement (AE) fit perfectly within the school’s innovative classrooms and teaching techniques.  Teachers wear a small infrared wireless microphone that transmits their voice(s) to a speaker system evenly distributed throughout the classroom, typically in the ceiling.  Using this device, teachers speak in a normal one-on-one voice, creating a comfortable listening and learning environment for each student.

The AE systems, powered by Panasonic’s world renowned audio technology, also employ handheld wireless microphones used by the students in the classroom to help them feel more comfortable and confident as they increase their participation in learning activities.

“As soon as the system was in place in all of our classrooms, we knew we made the right choice,” stated Clark. “Audio Enhancement offers a spectacular product and a gift to all teachers and students!” 

AE has recently introduced a series of enhanced Audio Learning Systems, all powered by Panasonic technology, including the Innovator Classroom Audio System, the Ultimate II Classroom Audio System and the Achiever Classroom Audio System.  All of the new AE Systems feature the RC-07 Infrared Wireless Microphone System.  This innovative teardrop style pendant microphone features a revolutionary new patented remote control feature that allows the teacher to control the volume of the student microphone, his or her own microphone or the auxiliary input level to continuously keep all audio sources at optimal levels.