Audio Enhancement Releases Microphone to Integrate with Interactive Projectors

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Audio Enhancement, an industry leader in classroom sound enhancement systems, has released a microphone solution to integrate with SMART’s new LightRaise 60wi interactive projector.

As interactive technologies evolve in the classroom, the basics of learning still begin with hearing.  “It’s imperative we all keep focused on what is ultimately importantly, helping our children learn,” stated Jeff Anderson, President and CEO of Audio Enhancement.  “We collaborate with industry partners in an effort to lead the charge in providing the best integrated sound enhancement solutions that complement all interactive aspects of the classroom,” continued Anderson.

SMART’s new LightRaise 60wi interactive projector and Audio Enhancement’s existing microphone product line work on very similar frequencies, as do most infrared sound enhancement systems.  The similarity in frequencies has the potential to create unwanted marks on the screen when the microphone comes in close proximity with the interactive projection.

Audio Enhancement’s team took a unique approach in solving the issue between the projector and most brands of infrared audio systems.  “We believe budgets are tight and we want to help districts in any way we can to utilize existing equipment investments,” explained Brad Ehlert, VP of Product Development.  In order to provide school districts with the most cost effective solution, Audio Enhancement and SMART engineers researched to find the source of the problem and provide a solution quickly.

Audio Enhancement has developed a microphone solution that works with ALL currently supported equipment and does not require a whole system upgrade.  An upgrade solution is also available for non-compatible manufacturer’s sound systems as well.  Audio Enhancement classroom systems working in conjunction with SMART’s interactive projector provides many benefits to schools:

  • Directly impacting student achievement with increased student focus and participation
  • Students often show increases in state standardized testing, spelling and reading
  • Teachers will be able to communicate effectively with evenly distributed audio, which results in less vocal fatigue and increases teacher retention
  • Teachers can use nurturing tones and still be heard over utterances and distractions

Customers are encouraged to contact their local representative to determine which solution is optimal for their situation.   Through strategic partnerships, Audio Enhancement continues to pursue their vision of an educational system where every classroom is equipped to empower learning at the highest level.

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Audio Enhancement has been an industry pioneer, serving the education community for 35 years. Providing expertise, innovation and quality customer service has been the foundation of their commitment to maximizing learning in every classroom.   Audio Enhancement pioneered the development of IR (infrared) microphone technology that provides the classroom with sound enhancement without the concerns of interference and latency.  For more information, please visit us at or call 800.383.9362.

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