Audio Packages

Mini Media System

  • Flexible. The amplifier can be mounted anywhere based on your needs.
  • Crystal-clear sound. Experience ideal audio for your multimedia devices.
  • Truly affordable. Fits any budget.

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Optimum Classroom System


  • No need for a costly intercom system. The MS-450 has intercom and paging functionality built in
  • Featuring hands-free, full-duplex audio, achieving two-way communication between the office and classrooms has never been so simple
  • In case of emergency, a secondary redundant power source prevents power failure

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Sentinel System

CA-50A Family Shot SM

  • Affordable, easy to use classroom audio system
  • Crystal clear playback of multimedia and voice amplification
  • Convenient control of the entire system from the microphone

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GL-300 Classroom Audio System


  • The GL-300 is a plenum rated amplifier that can be tucked away out of sight in a ceiling, enclosures of cabinetry
  • Connects well with other devices allowing all audio to sound crystal clear.
  • 5-Band Equalizer: The equalizer allows the teacher to have control over the quality of his or her voice.

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