The Evolution of the Teacher Mic

Audio Enhancement has been creating more effective classrooms for over 40 years. At the forefront of innovation, we have developed and refined generations of classroom microphones. Our Teacher Microphones are designed for educators, and each one is more suited to meet teachers’ needs than the last. Continue reading

Stop Using Your Teacher Voice! Audio Enhancement Offers Sound Field Solutions for Every Classroom

Audio Enhancement has been around for 38 years, providing audio system solutions to classrooms worldwide.
Every classroom in my school district (Palm Beach Co.) has the Audio Enhancement sound-field system in place, Does your classroom have a sound system installed? Are you using it? If not, why not? Many teachers say they don’t need it because they have a good “teacher voice” or just “don’t like to use microphones.”
Well, here’s something to consider. What if you went to a concert, paid lots of money for your ticket, and the musician decided not to use a microphone? You would want your money back, right? What if the musician instead decided to stroll through the audience and sing and play louder, but still refused to use the microphone? Would that satisfy you? Probably not (and it shouldn’t). For one, you would likely only hear the musician when she was near you, and if you could hear her, the music would be distorted because she was playing and singing louder than natural.

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Teq Named Exclusive Provider of Audio Enhancement’s Classroom Audio Systems in New York State

HUNTINGTON, NY–(Marketwired – Sep 10, 2015) – Teq, a leading educational technology and professional development firm, today announced that it was named the exclusive provider of Audio Enhancement’s award-winning classroom audio systems for all K-12 districts in New York State.
Teq will be offering the XD line of Audio Enhancement products, the XD receiver, XD teacher microphone, and XD student microphone. XD Technology pairs microphones to amplifiers and speakers, allowing student groupings to hear their teacher without interference in a small room, open plan classroom, or even a gymnasium.
“These are the best classroom audio products available,” said Teq CEO Damian Scarfo. “Learning begins with hearing, and with Audio Enhancement, every student can clearly hear the teacher’s normal tone of voice just as if they were sitting in the front of the classroom.”

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