Newton County’s Implementation of VIEWpath Featured in Harvard’s Best Foot Forward Study

In three years, the number of cameras installed in classrooms grew from 2 to 1,390


NEWTON COUNTY, GEORGIA – October 2015 —Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research has released a toolkit for their Best Foot Forward Project, a study conducted from 2013 to 2015 that took an in-depth look into how camera technology can be implemented in classrooms to aid in the teacher observation process.  Newton County School System in Georgia was featured for their use of VIEWpath (Video Interactive Education Window) as an example of going from a small installation in specialized classrooms to a district-wide standard.

“In March [of 2015] we had just over 22,000 video recordings across the district, and that’s without a mandate to do so,” said Samantha Fuhrey, Superintendent of Newton County School System (NCSS). According to the Best Foot Forward toolkit, the number of cameras installed in classrooms grew from just two to 1,390 in just three years – not because teachers were compelled by administrators but because they recognized the impact of the technology on their practice.  “Reflection is one of the most important things to improve practice in education, and [VIEWpath] allows them to do it,” said Shannon Buff, Director of Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development at NCSS.

Newton County started with just a few cameras installed mostly for security purposes in 2012.  “For us video was part of creating a safe classroom environment,” stated Fuhrey.  But they soon realized there was far more potential for using cameras in the classroom than just security. “We discovered that [VIEWpath] could be used for so much more,” said Fuhrey.  “We learned that the video footage enhanced our professional learning communities because teachers were able to capture their instructional techniques and share them with their colleagues in a setting that was not evaluative.”

Recognizing an area for growth in their math department, Newton County trained one of their most effective math teachers to do video instruction for other teachers.  Due to the great success of these videos, demand for cameras in the classroom increased dramatically among teachers.  “I think that VIEWpath has been a total game changer for Newton County,” said Melissa Jackson, Instructional Technology Coordinator at NCSS.  “It has created a true culture of sharing among our teachers.”

VIEWpath is part of an entire classroom solution installed at the schools in NCSS.  In addition to VIEWpath, the school uses classroom audio systems that allows teachers to talk in their natural, soothing voice and be heard clearly by all students in the classroom.  They also use the SAFE System, an alert notification system that can summon help in an emergency with the press of a button on the teacher’s microphone.  All these products are available through Audio Enhancement, Inc.



Founder Claudia Anderson began Audio Enhancement, Inc. in 1978 with the simple idea that “learning begins with hearing.” As pioneers of infrared audio technology, Audio Enhancement brings understanding and success to both students and teachers.  Today, Audio Enhancement continues to be owned and operated by the Anderson Family.  For more information, please visit or call toll-free, 800-383-9362.

Audio Enhancement Receives 2014 Best of Orlando Award

Press Release
Audio Enhancement Receives 2014 Best of Orlando Award
Orlando Award Program Honors Achievement
ORLANDO July 22, 2014 — Audio Enhancement has been selected for the 2014 Best of Orlando Award in the Audio-Visual Equipment & Supplies category by the Orlando Award Program.
Each year, the Orlando Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Orlando area a great place to live, work and play.
Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2014 Orlando Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Orlando Award Program and data provided by third parties.
About Orlando Award Program
The Orlando Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Orlando area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.
The Orlando Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.
SOURCE: Orlando Award Program

Orlando Award Program



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Audio Enhancement Karen Lowe Nelson
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VIEWPath captures classroom interactions to enhance instruction
and empower learning

ATLANTA, JUNE 27, 2014 – Audio Enhancement unveils a first-of-its-kind digital learning solution, VIEWPath (Video Interactive Education Window), to help schools and teachers maximize learning time, budgets and instructional time, while enhancing interactions in the classroom.

With VIEWPath, the convergence of technology tools in one easy-to-use classroom learning solution delivers a simple way to record classroom lessons and easily share them for blended learning or flipped environments. As the first instructional tool that helps make teachable moments learning moments for teachers, it’s paving the way to help teachers become better prepared and more effective in less time.

“Today’s learning environment is not one size fits all, therefore schools and teachers face increasing pressure to utilize technology and resources to reach students and standards in distinctive ways. Teachers must remain focused on creating lessons that engage students in their learning, which is not a simple task, said Jeff Anderson, Audio Enhancement, Inc. CEO. “Audio Enhancement listened to our customers and created a simple, but effective solution to record lessons and classroom interactions and share them with students wherever they are.”
Audio Enhancement’s VIEWPath will be showcased at ISTE through presentations at booth #2063. ISTE attendees will also have the opportunity to see VIEWPath in action and speak to Newton County representatives about the effectiveness of the VIEWPath solution within their school district. “Our goal is to provide teachers with the daily opportunity to video and audio record classes to facilitate better student engagement, quality self assessment and advanced pedagogies like a flipped classroom,” said Dr. Gary Shattuck, Newton County Schools Technology Director. “Audio Enhancement has been our partner to realize these results, and as a result we are a proud recipient of the IMS Global Award for our VIEWPath implementation.”
Meet Audio Enhancement and see VIEWPath in action at ISTE:
• Technology Tour: Newton County School District will be hosting a Technology Tour on June 30, 2014 and interested educators should register by calling 800.383.9362 to reserve a spot.
• Booth Demonstrations: Audio Enhancement representatives will be demonstrating how to maximize instructional time, effectiveness and reduce discipline through the use of VIEWPath at booth #2063 throughout the ISTE conference.

About Audio Enhancement
For 36 years, Audio Enhancement has created and delivered research-driven solutions to complex education problems in classrooms around the world. Starting with the simple premise that “learning begins with hearing”, the company started with an audio and amplification mission, however, Audio Enhancement continues to innovate new solutions reaching all learners and learning styles. From audio and video to safe school systems, Audio Enhancement delivers holistic solutions that focus not only on products, but classroom, school and student interactions to empower learning.

# # #


Salt Lake City, Utah, December 2013 – Audio Enhancement offers world-class repair services to its customers. “We love to deliver direct support for our customers,” said Cindy Andersen, Director of Operations. “We provide them with high quality repairs in a timely manner.”

Audio Enhancement is a brand that customers recognize and know they can trust. Audio Enhancement’s Service Center helps customers every step of the way. Whether a customer needs new products, installation, or repair, they can rely on the professionals at Audio Enhancement to assist them. Working directly with Audio Enhancement offers many benefits, including:

  • A flat rate for repairs
  • An enhanced website with FAQs and links to basic troubleshooting guides
  • An emphasis on providing customers with the best, most recent technology
  • A timely response to customer inquiries
  • Fast processing and return times

Jeff Anderson, Audio Enhancement President, added, “We believe every student deserves to hear their instructor and be fully engaged in the learning process. It has been heart-warming to see the difference we’ve been able to make in so many schools. Therefore, we want to minimize downtime of educational technology in the classroom so that we can help maximize the learning potential of tomorrow’s leaders.”

Audio Enhancement provides a “Technical Support” help line. If there are questions on networking, programming or compatibility issues our technical support team can help. Call the Service Center line at 877.676.5576 and customers will be quickly routed to a technical support representative, who will be able to best assist in resolving their issues.

# # #

Founder Claudia Anderson began Audio Enhancement in 1978 with the simple idea that “learning begins with hearing.” As pioneers of infrared audio technology, Audio Enhancement brings understanding and success to both students and teachers. Today, Audio Enhancement continues to be owned and operated by the Anderson Family. For more information, please visit (active December 1st, 2013).

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Audio Enhancement Releases Microphone to Integrate with Interactive Projectors

For Immediate Release

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Audio Enhancement, an industry leader in classroom sound enhancement systems, has released a microphone solution to integrate with SMART’s new LightRaise 60wi interactive projector.

As interactive technologies evolve in the classroom, the basics of learning still begin with hearing.  “It’s imperative we all keep focused on what is ultimately importantly, helping our children learn,” stated Jeff Anderson, President and CEO of Audio Enhancement.  “We collaborate with industry partners in an effort to lead the charge in providing the best integrated sound enhancement solutions that complement all interactive aspects of the classroom,” continued Anderson.

SMART’s new LightRaise 60wi interactive projector and Audio Enhancement’s existing microphone product line work on very similar frequencies, as do most infrared sound enhancement systems.  The similarity in frequencies has the potential to create unwanted marks on the screen when the microphone comes in close proximity with the interactive projection.

Audio Enhancement’s team took a unique approach in solving the issue between the projector and most brands of infrared audio systems.  “We believe budgets are tight and we want to help districts in any way we can to utilize existing equipment investments,” explained Brad Ehlert, VP of Product Development.  In order to provide school districts with the most cost effective solution, Audio Enhancement and SMART engineers researched to find the source of the problem and provide a solution quickly.

Audio Enhancement has developed a microphone solution that works with ALL currently supported equipment and does not require a whole system upgrade.  An upgrade solution is also available for non-compatible manufacturer’s sound systems as well.  Audio Enhancement classroom systems working in conjunction with SMART’s interactive projector provides many benefits to schools:

  • Directly impacting student achievement with increased student focus and participation
  • Students often show increases in state standardized testing, spelling and reading
  • Teachers will be able to communicate effectively with evenly distributed audio, which results in less vocal fatigue and increases teacher retention
  • Teachers can use nurturing tones and still be heard over utterances and distractions

Customers are encouraged to contact their local representative to determine which solution is optimal for their situation.   Through strategic partnerships, Audio Enhancement continues to pursue their vision of an educational system where every classroom is equipped to empower learning at the highest level.

# # #

Audio Enhancement has been an industry pioneer, serving the education community for 35 years. Providing expertise, innovation and quality customer service has been the foundation of their commitment to maximizing learning in every classroom.   Audio Enhancement pioneered the development of IR (infrared) microphone technology that provides the classroom with sound enhancement without the concerns of interference and latency.  For more information, please visit us at or call 800.383.9362.

To view the press release by SMART Technologies, visit this page.

View the SMART Compatible IR Mic Flyer with Item Numbers

Local Company Who Offers Real Solutions for School Safety is Featured on CNN

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jessica Bevard

Direct: 855.616.2357


SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Offering solutions for school safety, Audio Enhancement has been featured on Thursday, December 20, 2012’s CNN Headline News Evening Express program talking about its SAFE System™ (Security Alert For Education).


Interviewed by a CNN crew at a school in Newton County, Georgia, where the SAFE System is installed, Mr. Anderson, President of Audio Enhancement, described how the SAFE System was created to protect students and teachers by instantly notifying the proper authorities when a crisis may occur in the classroom.  Video cameras connected to the network provide a live feed from the site and monitoring stations assure that first responders know exactly what is going on behind closed doors.  This real-time information is accessible across the Internet, delivered to computers, laptops, smartphones or tablet devices, so critical decisions can be made to prevent tragedies.


Schools are looking for that extra layer of protection.  “Technologies like the SAFE System can be leveraged to keep our children safe,” said Gregory Thomas, Former Executive Director of the Office of School Safety and Planning New York City Department of Education.  “The SAFE System can be an important tool to . . . summon help in the first few critical minutes during any classroom- or school-based situation.”


Because not all emergencies involve weapons and violence, the SAFE System assists with day-to-day situations, such as bullying, fights, and medical conditions.  “The majority of situations involve a teacher needing assistance handling a disruptive student or breaking up a scuffle.  A principal or other administrative staff member can be in the classroom in moments to prevent the escalation of an incident,” Mr. Anderson said.  “Medical emergencies can be as varied as asthma attacks to a seizure.  The SAFE System can help the teacher to summon assistance in any of these situations.”


# # #

Jeff Anderson, President of Audio Enhancement is available for interviews through Jessica Bevard,  The SAFE System is a product of Audio Enhancement and is not intended to prevent emergencies, but have been created to alert schools of potential problems and threats so that administration can respond quickly and appropriately.  Further information about the SAFE System can be found at or by calling 1-855-616-2357.  Audio Enhancement, its agents, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates and parent companies are exempt from any loss, damage, injury or other consequences arising directly or indirectly from the application of our equipment.

Debate Affects Students at Boca Raton School

For Immediate Release


Don Estridge High Tech Middle School Principal, Dave Benson

Phone:  561.989.7800


Audio Enhancement Representative, Gary Evans

Cell: 561-635-3076

Toll Free: 800.383.9362




Presidential Debate “Taxes the Limits” of Software at Florida Middle School

Boca Raton, FL— Students at Don Estridge High Tech Middle School in Boca Raton, Florida, have an unusual opportunity to participate in the political process—by staying away from class—but not from their classroom lessons.  Just across the street from their Palm Beach County school, the third and final debate between President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential Nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, will be held at Lynn University campus.


On Monday, October 22, while the two political parties make preparations for the evening debate, the Boca Raton middle school site will be closed to the students.  However, this historic event won’t interfere with the students’ educations.  Thanks to the capabilities of the new VIEWPath Classroom System from Audio Enhancement, the school’s staff will provide “virtual” lessons for their classes that day.


Teachers at Don Estridge High Tech Middle School are recording their regular lessons using the VIEWPath Classroom System.  Students can view the curriculum online, on their home computers or laptops, as many times as they need.  Questions that the 1,200 students may have about the material will be addressed in classes the following day, and the teachers will also take the opportunity to discuss the political and democratic process that our country is founded upon.  For those without Internet access at home, the school is making their Media Center available before and after to view the lesson materials.


While providing students with the opportunity to access their lessons from home might cause stress for some, Dave Benson, Principal of Don Estridge High Tech Middle School, was enthusiastic about the whole situation.  “What an incredible opportunity for our staff to maintain academic momentum with our children by creating virtual lessons utilizing Audio Enhancement’s VIEWPath Classroom System!  The last Presidential Debate will displace our students for an entire school day…instead of the ‘old school’ standby of relocating to another campus (essentially a babysitting exercise); we have the luxury of providing real lessons with video of the teachers that will allow all children to continue with their educations!”


Regardless of the outcome of the debate, the students at Don Estridge will be the real winners.  Using Audio Enhancement’s VIEWPath Classroom System, each of these middle school students will feel like a part of this historic event, without missing out on a regular school day’s education.


# # #


Don Estridge High Tech Middle School is part of the Palm Beach County School District.  Audio Enhancement is a nationally-recognized leader in classroom audio and video systems, based in Salt Lake City, UT.   Information about the VIEWPath Classroom System can be found at or by calling 800.383.9362.  Television interview from West Palm Beach’s CBS12 regarding the debate’s effects in Boca Raton and the school:


EPSON BrightLink 450Wi Interactive Projector Infrared Interference Solution Released

The Epson BrightLink 450Wi Interactive Projector includes a camera lens and electronic pen that operates at 850nm infrared frequency.  Unfortunately, many infrared microphones work on that same frequency, including the Audio Enhancement Micro Teardrop Teacher Microphone (MTD-09) and the Student Handheld Microphone (MHH-09).

If you are experiencing interference between the infrared microphone and the BrightLink 450Wi projector or pen, please contact Roslyn Young at Epson’s APS Group.  Ms. Young can be contacted at 800.338.2349 x8224.  Epson has a solution that will resolve the problem by changing the infrared frequency to 940nm.

If you have further questions about your Audio Enhancement System, please contact your sales representative at 800.383.9362.

Classroom Safety Technology System: Peace of Mind in a Box

Salt Lake City, Utah
April 15, 2011
With the release of The SAFE System (Security Alert For Education), technology designed to meet the safety demands and needs of educators across the United States, has become available for sale to the general public. The long awaited SAFE System, built to work with the Panasonic A+ Classroom Audio System, is an emergency alert solution that gives teachers and school administrators the ability to quickly assess and react to a variety of emergency situations in the classroom. With a simple and discreet push of a button on a pendant style microphone that comes with the system, teachers can inconspicuously send a signal for help without arousing suspicion or escalating a potentially volatile situation. The system was designed to provide peace of mind for teachers, parents and school administrators by giving them one less thing to worry about in the classroom.
The media brings news of school incidents that compromise the safety of children putting them and their teachers at risk. The question arises: What could have been done differently to quickly alert authorities to control the situation? The SAFE System was created specifically to provide a solution to this problem. In many situations where the perpetrator was able to breach other security measures, The SAFE System would have allowed a more rapid response and resolution.
The SAFE System, consisting of receiver/amplifier, pendant style microphone, infrared sensor, monitoring station, and a security camera, can be customized to process alert notifications according to each school districts policy. With the alert button seamlessly built into the devices transmitter, a teacher can instantly send a signal through the schools network and notify administrators. The live video feed of the networked camera inside the classroom and the audio feed through the teachers microphone can then be accessed by the proper authorities to monitor the situation.

Jeff Anderson, SAFE System Classroom President and CEO recently noted, We cant prevent situations from happening, but we can offer a solution to diffuse them in a way that we hope will reduce the chances of harm coming to our children and their teachers. In todays world, having a reliable alert system in the classroom is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Gregory A. Thomas added, As the former director of security for the largest school district in the United States (NYC), I recognize the importance of effective classroom management and its relationship to the maintenance of a safe and secure learning environment. The SAFE System can be an important tool to help teachers and administrators summon help in the first few critical minutes during any classroom or school based emergency. It is a long overdue real-time addition to the school safety industry.
The SAFE System has been successfully installed in several schools in Florida and is now available for sale to schools and districts nationwide. Additional information is available at the company website at or by calling the toll-free number at 855.616.2357.
About SAFE System Classroom
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, SAFE System Classroom distributes security solutions that incorporate audio enhancement systems with safety technology designed to provide safer classroom environments throughout the U.S. More information is available at

FCC Announces End Date for Wireless Microphone Operation in 700 MHz Band

To: Interested Parties

From: Audio Enhancement

Re: Wireless Microphone Systems Operating in the 700 MHz Band.

Date: March 25, 2010

Background Information:

Please read the following statement published by Shure, a major manufacturer of Wireless microphone systems.


FCC Announces End Date for Wireless Mic Operation in 700 MHz Band


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has reorganized the UHF television spectrum, which is also used by many wireless microphones, wireless in-ear monitors, wireless production intercom systems, and other professional wireless audio and video equipment.  The spectrum between 698 and 806 MHz – known as the “700 MHz band” – has been reserved for exclusive use by Public Safety agencies and licensed wireless service providers.

The FCC has ordered that wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, and related equipment must cease operations in the 700 MHz band (698–806 MHz) after June 12, 2010, or earlier under certain conditions.  This rule change does not apply to wireless systems that operate in other frequency ranges – only systems that operate on frequencies between 698 and 806 MHz are affected.

The order applies to all wireless system users regardless of whether the user holds an FCC license. The order also requires microphone users to cease operations in specified 700 MHz frequencies within 60 days upon receipt of a notice from a wireless carrier or public safety entity authorized to use the spectrum, or, alternatively, within 60 days of the release of an FCC Public Notice specifying that certain 700 MHz frequencies are no longer available for wireless system use in a particular market.


The entire statement can be found at:



Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do the current wireless systems sold by Audio Enhancement operate in the 700 Mhz band?

No, all wireless systems currently being sold by Audio Enhancement comply with the new FCC regulations and DO NOT operate in the 700Mhz band.

  1. Did Audio Enhancement ever sell any wireless products that operate in the 700Mhz band and must not be used after June 12, 2010?


Yes, Audio Enhancement has sold these products in the past.  They were all manufactured by Azden.  It is important to note that only some of the Azden products operated in this band.  Audio Enhancement has sold many Azden products that operate in the VHF band and can continue to be used beyond the June 12, 2010 date.


Any system in the VHF range is approved for use. These products included: 31HT, 31LT, and 32BT transmitters along with their companion receivers.  Any product with a single antenna or a colored sticker e.g. “C1”, “B3”, “D5” is approved for use.


  1. How can we indentify which products sold by Audio Enhancement must be discontinued?


The following units must not be used after June 12, 2010.

Any system that has any of the following components made by Azden: 41BT, 41HT, 51BT, 411UDR, or 511UDR.


Systems that used these components included many “Large Venue” systems such as Power Petite/AES.05/AES.06 that utilized an UHF sled.  These can be recognized by the dual antennas and two rotary switches used to set the channel.


Note that the Power Petites can be continued to be used if the UHF sleds are removed from the unit.   Some VHF sleds were sold with the Power Petites and these are still approved for use.


  1. For more information about the 700 Mhz reallocation see:


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