Classroom Safety Technology System: Peace of Mind in a Box

Salt Lake City, Utah
April 15, 2011
With the release of The SAFE System (Security Alert For Education), technology designed to meet the safety demands and needs of educators across the United States, has become available for sale to the general public. The long awaited SAFE System, built to work with the Panasonic A+ Classroom Audio System, is an emergency alert solution that gives teachers and school administrators the ability to quickly assess and react to a variety of emergency situations in the classroom. With a simple and discreet push of a button on a pendant style microphone that comes with the system, teachers can inconspicuously send a signal for help without arousing suspicion or escalating a potentially volatile situation. The system was designed to provide peace of mind for teachers, parents and school administrators by giving them one less thing to worry about in the classroom.
The media brings news of school incidents that compromise the safety of children putting them and their teachers at risk. The question arises: What could have been done differently to quickly alert authorities to control the situation? The SAFE System was created specifically to provide a solution to this problem. In many situations where the perpetrator was able to breach other security measures, The SAFE System would have allowed a more rapid response and resolution.
The SAFE System, consisting of receiver/amplifier, pendant style microphone, infrared sensor, monitoring station, and a security camera, can be customized to process alert notifications according to each school districts policy. With the alert button seamlessly built into the devices transmitter, a teacher can instantly send a signal through the schools network and notify administrators. The live video feed of the networked camera inside the classroom and the audio feed through the teachers microphone can then be accessed by the proper authorities to monitor the situation.

Jeff Anderson, SAFE System Classroom President and CEO recently noted, We cant prevent situations from happening, but we can offer a solution to diffuse them in a way that we hope will reduce the chances of harm coming to our children and their teachers. In todays world, having a reliable alert system in the classroom is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Gregory A. Thomas added, As the former director of security for the largest school district in the United States (NYC), I recognize the importance of effective classroom management and its relationship to the maintenance of a safe and secure learning environment. The SAFE System can be an important tool to help teachers and administrators summon help in the first few critical minutes during any classroom or school based emergency. It is a long overdue real-time addition to the school safety industry.
The SAFE System has been successfully installed in several schools in Florida and is now available for sale to schools and districts nationwide. Additional information is available at the company website at or by calling the toll-free number at 855.616.2357.
About SAFE System Classroom
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, SAFE System Classroom distributes security solutions that incorporate audio enhancement systems with safety technology designed to provide safer classroom environments throughout the U.S. More information is available at