Classrooms of Tomorrow: innovative technology + futuristic teaching = engaged students

The Classrooms of Tomorrow initiative is not only changing the way students learn, it’s also changing the way teachers teach.
This innovative initiative, commonly referred to as COT, reinvents the way students are taught through interactive technology, unlimited classroom configurations, and teachers who facilitate learning rather than lecturing at the front of the classroom.
The classroom technology serves not only as a teacher presentation tool, but also a student-interaction device. Lecture Capture cameras allow teachers to record lessons and do virtual field trips to communicate with other classrooms across the district.

Kevin Mitchell of Audio Enhancement said there are four speakers strategically placed in the ceiling around the classroom. When the teacher (equipped with a microphone) speaks, everyone in the class can hear her. When students speak on a mobile microphone, their voices will also be carried across the classroom so they, too, will be easily understood.

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