WPA-03 Wall Plate

The WPA-03 Wall Plate expands the features of the CA-30 Amplifier. It provides an audio input that the teacher can use with any multimedia device (i.e. IPod™, Laptop Computer, etc.). It also provides for a Line Level Output which can be used for recording audio to the teacher’s computer, or for an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) such as a personal FM Transmitter. Independent adjustable audio level controls are provided for easy adjustment of both the audio input and output.

The WPA-03 Wall Plate offers these key benefits:

  • ALD Output
  • Connects with any multimedia device via Line Level Input
  • Single CAT6 connection to CA-30 Amplifier

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WPA-03 Wall Plate Highlights
  • Only serves as accessory with CA-30 Amplifier
  • Adjustable level controls on Line Level Input and ALD Output