EPSON BrightLink 450Wi Interactive Projector Infrared Interference Solution Released

The Epson BrightLink 450Wi Interactive Projector includes a camera lens and electronic pen that operates at 850nm infrared frequency.  Unfortunately, many infrared microphones work on that same frequency, including the Audio Enhancement Micro Teardrop Teacher Microphone (MTD-09) and the Student Handheld Microphone (MHH-09).

If you are experiencing interference between the infrared microphone and the BrightLink 450Wi projector or pen, please contact Roslyn Young at Epson’s APS Group.  Ms. Young can be contacted at 800.338.2349 x8224.  Epson has a solution that will resolve the problem by changing the infrared frequency to 940nm.

If you have further questions about your Audio Enhancement System, please contact your sales representative at 800.383.9362.