FCC Announces End Date for Wireless Microphone Operation in 700 MHz Band

To: Interested Parties

From: Audio Enhancement

Re: Wireless Microphone Systems Operating in the 700 MHz Band.

Date: March 25, 2010

Background Information:

Please read the following statement published by Shure, a major manufacturer of Wireless microphone systems.


FCC Announces End Date for Wireless Mic Operation in 700 MHz Band


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has reorganized the UHF television spectrum, which is also used by many wireless microphones, wireless in-ear monitors, wireless production intercom systems, and other professional wireless audio and video equipment.  The spectrum between 698 and 806 MHz – known as the “700 MHz band” – has been reserved for exclusive use by Public Safety agencies and licensed wireless service providers.

The FCC has ordered that wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, and related equipment must cease operations in the 700 MHz band (698–806 MHz) after June 12, 2010, or earlier under certain conditions.  This rule change does not apply to wireless systems that operate in other frequency ranges – only systems that operate on frequencies between 698 and 806 MHz are affected.

The order applies to all wireless system users regardless of whether the user holds an FCC license. The order also requires microphone users to cease operations in specified 700 MHz frequencies within 60 days upon receipt of a notice from a wireless carrier or public safety entity authorized to use the spectrum, or, alternatively, within 60 days of the release of an FCC Public Notice specifying that certain 700 MHz frequencies are no longer available for wireless system use in a particular market.


The entire statement can be found at: http://www.shure.com/ProAudio/PressRoom/700mhzupdate/us_pro_700_mhz_update_content



Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do the current wireless systems sold by Audio Enhancement operate in the 700 Mhz band?

No, all wireless systems currently being sold by Audio Enhancement comply with the new FCC regulations and DO NOT operate in the 700Mhz band.

  1. Did Audio Enhancement ever sell any wireless products that operate in the 700Mhz band and must not be used after June 12, 2010?


Yes, Audio Enhancement has sold these products in the past.  They were all manufactured by Azden.  It is important to note that only some of the Azden products operated in this band.  Audio Enhancement has sold many Azden products that operate in the VHF band and can continue to be used beyond the June 12, 2010 date.


Any system in the VHF range is approved for use. These products included: 31HT, 31LT, and 32BT transmitters along with their companion receivers.  Any product with a single antenna or a colored sticker e.g. “C1”, “B3”, “D5” is approved for use.


  1. How can we indentify which products sold by Audio Enhancement must be discontinued?


The following units must not be used after June 12, 2010.

Any system that has any of the following components made by Azden: 41BT, 41HT, 51BT, 411UDR, or 511UDR.


Systems that used these components included many “Large Venue” systems such as Power Petite/AES.05/AES.06 that utilized an UHF sled.  These can be recognized by the dual antennas and two rotary switches used to set the channel.


Note that the Power Petites can be continued to be used if the UHF sleds are removed from the unit.   Some VHF sleds were sold with the Power Petites and these are still approved for use.


  1. For more information about the 700 Mhz reallocation see:



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