AE Announces Consultancy Relationship With Dr. Carolyn Warner

Salt Lake City, UT (September 12, 2007) — Audio Enhancement (AE), the education industry’s leader in enhanced classroom learning systems, is pleased to announce the formation of a consultancy relationship with Dr. Carolyn Warner, President and Founder of Corporate Education Consulting, Inc. (CECi).  Dr. Warner will represent AE at various industry events, provide advice and guidance to the education market, and help to further populate the benefit of AE’s proven audio systems.

“There are already so many challenges confronting today’s students, and we simply should not allow auditory learning issues to be one of them,” said Dr. Warner.  “Classroom sound systems from Audio Enhancement can help to improve both the learning and the teaching environment. I am excited about assisting AE in achieving their goals, and anticipate the opportunities which lie ahead.”

Dr. Warner is active on state and national levels as a respected, knowledgeable and persuasive educational and public policy leader.  Her political expertise, including 12 years as Arizona’s elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, is strengthened by her unique perspective of over 30 years in the corporate sector.  Dr. Warner’s company, CECi, advises businesses, nonprofits, associations, foundations and governmental entities that want to strengthen their presence and build stronger ties in the Education Marketplace.  Additionally, CECi assists clients in maintaining and strengthening these relationships, once formed.

“We could not be more pleased about working with Dr. Warner and feel most honored to have her as part of our team,” said Jeff Anderson, President of Audio Enhancement.  “Dr. Warner’s credentials and experience are evident but more so, it is extremely gratifying for us to have such a renowned education leader believe in Audio Enhancement’s solutions and be a spokesperson representing our company in the marketplace.”

With AE’s classroom systems, teachers wear a small infrared wireless microphone that transmits their voice(s) to a speaker system evenly distributed throughout the classroom, typically in the ceiling.  Using this device, teachers speak in a normal one-on-one voice, creating a comfortable listening and learning environment for each student.  This proven teaching technique also helps to improve student behavior and on-task performance.

The systems, powered by Panasonic’s world renowned audio technology, also employ handheld wireless microphones used by the students in the classroom to help them feel more comfortable and confident as they increase their participation in learning activities.  For many students, increased participation leads directly to stronger reinforcement of the subject matter being taught and ultimately to better retention of information

Audio Enhancement has recently introduced a series of enhanced Audio Learning Systems, all powered by Panasonic technology, including the Innovator Classroom Audio System, the Ultimate II Classroom Audio System and the Achiever Classroom Audio System.  All of the new Audio Enhancement Systems feature the RC-07 Infrared Wireless Microphone System.  This innovative teardrop style pendant microphone features a revolutionary new patented remote control feature that allows the teacher to control the volume of the student microphone, his or her own microphone or the auxiliary input level to continuously keep all audio sources at optimal levels.