IP Intercom, Paging, and Bells

One IP System for All School-wide Communication Needs

A great school-wide communication system fully integrates into the IP network to provide full control of your school, in addition to ensuring reliable communication between administrators, teachers, and students. This IP intercom, paging, and bells system does all of this and more with:

  • IP network connection
  • Standards-based implementation
  • Full-duplex audio
Handsfree Classroom Intercom-01

Hands-free Classroom Intercom*

This IP system integrates with VoIP to create an intercom connection. Office staff may make a phone call to any classroom on the phone network. The staff member’s voice will play through the mounted ceiling speakers in the classroom. Teachers may respond by speaking towards a third-party wall plate. Using the MS-450 amplifier’s full-duplex audio or a network interface, this system creates a complete hands-free intercom system for teachers.
Note: Both the MS-450 and network interface have generic I/O inputs for third-party integration.

Handsfree Classroom Intercom-01

School Paging System

Using an IP paging microphone or a VoIP phone, office staff can deliver verbal announcements or instructions throughout the school with the touch of a button. Pages play through classroom and hallway IP speakers, which connect to the network via the MS-450 amplifier or network interface. You can also set up paging zones, allowing announcements to be heard in select classrooms or hallways.

Handsfree Classroom Intercom-01

Bells and Alerts

Using the same IP connections as the school paging system, authorized personnel may use their computers to set up customized bell schedules and prerecorded audio alerts that can sound in every classroom and hallway throughout the school. When needed, customized paging zones can be used to handpick where the bells or alerts are played. This is a great tool to help avoid interruptions during standardized testing.

*Third party SIP License required.

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