Local Company Who Offers Real Solutions for School Safety is Featured on CNN

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Offering solutions for school safety, Audio Enhancement has been featured on Thursday, December 20, 2012’s CNN Headline News Evening Express program talking about its SAFE System™ (Security Alert For Education).


Interviewed by a CNN crew at a school in Newton County, Georgia, where the SAFE System is installed, Mr. Anderson, President of Audio Enhancement, described how the SAFE System was created to protect students and teachers by instantly notifying the proper authorities when a crisis may occur in the classroom.  Video cameras connected to the network provide a live feed from the site and monitoring stations assure that first responders know exactly what is going on behind closed doors.  This real-time information is accessible across the Internet, delivered to computers, laptops, smartphones or tablet devices, so critical decisions can be made to prevent tragedies.


Schools are looking for that extra layer of protection.  “Technologies like the SAFE System can be leveraged to keep our children safe,” said Gregory Thomas, Former Executive Director of the Office of School Safety and Planning New York City Department of Education.  “The SAFE System can be an important tool to . . . summon help in the first few critical minutes during any classroom- or school-based situation.”


Because not all emergencies involve weapons and violence, the SAFE System assists with day-to-day situations, such as bullying, fights, and medical conditions.  “The majority of situations involve a teacher needing assistance handling a disruptive student or breaking up a scuffle.  A principal or other administrative staff member can be in the classroom in moments to prevent the escalation of an incident,” Mr. Anderson said.  “Medical emergencies can be as varied as asthma attacks to a seizure.  The SAFE System can help the teacher to summon assistance in any of these situations.”


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Jeff Anderson, President of Audio Enhancement is available for interviews through Jessica Bevard, Jessica.Bevard@SAFESystemClassroom.com.  The SAFE System is a product of Audio Enhancement and is not intended to prevent emergencies, but have been created to alert schools of potential problems and threats so that administration can respond quickly and appropriately.  Further information about the SAFE System can be found at SAFESystemClassroom.com or by calling 1-855-616-2357.  Audio Enhancement, its agents, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates and parent companies are exempt from any loss, damage, injury or other consequences arising directly or indirectly from the application of our equipment.