Audio Enhancement Wins Tech & Learning Magazine Award of Excellence

The new Audio Enhancement Infrared Teacher Microphone System earned judges’ praise from Tech & Learning for being an easy to use way to control volume input. With a new remote control feature, teachers can control the volume of the student microphone as well as the teacher’s own microphone or the auxiliary input level. With a 7 hour battery life and 4 hour charge time, the microphone system will perform well during any lecture or presentation.

Judges from Tech & Learning found the Handheld Student Microphone perfect for use in classrooms with poor ambient noise and for general assemblies. The small, lightweight microphone was designed for classroom use and helps facilitate teacher and student communication. Set-up is as simple as “plug and play,” and the hand-held nature makes it a great tool for encouraging participation among students. With a range of selectable frequencies from 2.30 MHz to 3.80 MHz and a battery life (AA) of over 15 hours, the student pass around microphone will be a great tool for large classes or school-wide assemblies.