Newton County School System

…In April, Superintendent Gary Mathews reviewed survey data from the 24 teachers and 2,762 students learning and teaching in the audio-enhanced classrooms. Of the students surveyed, 90% reported that “it is easier to hear my teacher when he/she uses the audio sound system.” 85% respoanded yes when asked if “my teacher’s voice is loud and clear with the system.” 76% responded yes when asked if the sound system “helped them listen better.” 88% responded yes to the question, “When my teacher is writing on the board [with back turned], can you hear him/her with the sound system?” Finally, when students were asked if they “liked having my teacher use the sound system in our classroom,” 78% responded yes. Of Newton’s teachers, 90% responded yes to “Do students focus on instruction well?” Prior to audio-enhancement, only 21% said yes. 95% said that students “understand instruction better” using audio enhancement compared to only 22% who thought so prior to audio enhancement. When asked “Do students stay on task more often with few reminders using audio enhancement,” 96% responded yes. When asked “Are students more engaged in classroom discussions,” 83% of our teachers said yes since the introduction of audio enhancement. Prior to audio-enhanced classrooms, a mere 8% said yes.

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