Hydra II Adapter

Balanced Output Adapter

Adapters upgrade any FM amplifier into an infrared classroom audio system. The Hydra II and Balanced Output Adapter create a communication bridge between the existing amplifier and the IR-Satellite, allowing schools to

  • Use existing classroom technology in conjunction with the latest and best from Audio Enhancement
  • Get more use from whiteboard speakers
  • Replace only what is outdated
  • Provide a direct connection to Extron Polevault Systems

You will receive a response within 24 hours. If your request is for a bid, or if your request is urgent, please call 800.383.9362. Have questions about your existing system? Visit our FAQ page.

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Adapters Highlights
  • Connect the IR-Satellite to a variety of amplifiers, including non-Audio Enhancement ones
  • Gain access to the SAFE System with your existing setup
  • Update your system with the latest technology at an affordable cost
  • IR-Satellite
  • SAFE System Compatible