Dome Sensor (EDS-07)

For installations that do not require the IR-Satellite, the Dome Sensor Receiver is the perfect solution.  The EDS-07 Dome Sensor / Receiver can be added to any amplification system for added infrared sensor coverage, making it ideal for large learning spaces such as multi-purpose rooms, music rooms, and labs.

The Dome Sensor features four selectable frequencies.  More than two infrared microphones can be used in the same classroom at the same time.  This is a great tool for team teaching, guest speakers, and itinerate teachers. LED indicators make it easy to tell which channel to use with the IR Microphone.  A light will appear when the sensor is powered on.  The light will be green when the frequency switch is set to CH 1/2 and orange when the switch is set to CH 3/4.

The Dome Sensor offers the following benefits:

  • Discreetly place on the ceiling
  • Receives signals from infrared microphone
  • Transfers signals from microphone to amplifier for amplification

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