Prime Link Classroom Audio System (Legacy)

Audio Enhancement has been dedicated to bringing the highest quality audio systems to classrooms to help maximize learning for over thirty years. The Prime Link System represents a new and unique solution that takes advantage of our years of experience to exceed what people have come to expect from enhanced audio in a classroom. The Prime Link System is designed specifically to provide classrooms with high quality audio plus access to the features of The SAFE System™ utilizing cutting-edge technology pioneered by the experts at Audio Enhancement.

System Components

The Prime Amplifier – an all-in-one audio solution for teacher voice amplification and the playback of multimedia sources. This convenient sound system increases intelligibility and equally distributes sound throughout the classroom.

The IR-Satellite Infrared Sensor/Receiver – an affordable infrared audio and security solution, designed for use in today’s technology-rich classrooms. Connecting easily to the Prime Amplifier, this state-of-the-art dome sensor/receiver utilizes micro-processor technology in a convenient, compact design.

The Teacher Microphone – This compact microphone brings a new level of convenience to the classroom. With a revolutionary patented remote control feature, the teacher is able to control the volume of the student microphone, his or her microphone and the auxiliary input level. Teachers, administrators, and students will appreciate the improved performance and ease of use.

The Prime Link System is also compatible with The SAFE System™, an integrated silent alert system. In case of emergency, the teacher needs only to push the ‘Function’ button on the microphone to quickly notify administrators and first responders.