Achiever Classroom Audio System (Legacy)

The Audio Enhancement Achiever Classroom System has the power of Panasonic audio technology, to bring value and high performance to the enhanced classroom.

Two simultaneous infrared microphones keep instructors’ voices continuously at optimal levels, while the revolutionary new patented remote control feature allows the teacher to control the volume of the student microphone and his or her own microphone.

Technical Data

  • Audio Power: 30W RMS 50W Speaker
  • THD: <1% across full frequency range of amplifier
  • Stereo: 2-channel stereo sound
  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Power Requirements: 24 Vdc, 2.6 amps
  • Receiving Frequencies:
    Teacher 1: 2.30 MHz
    Teacher 2: 2.80 MHz
  • Receiver Type: Super heterodyne crystal-controlled
  • Signal-to-Noise: >90dB
  • External Sensors: Up to 7 sensors. *Optional couplers required
  • Front Panel Controls: 2 teacher controls, 2-band equalizer, 2 speaker volume controls, 1 power switch, 4 auxiliary inputs
  • Rear Panel Connections: 4-stereo auxiliary inputs for TV/DVD, CD, Computer & MP3, line output, 4-8 Ohms speaker connections
  • Image Rejections: >40dB
  • Reception Selectivity: +40kHz
Achiever Amplifier Highlights (Legacy)
* Please Note: Not all components listed are included in all configurations of this system.