Front Office SAFE Package

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It’s Time to Take Safety for School Staff Seriously

Introducing the SAFE System™ Administration Package:
The same safety alerts used by teachers are now available for the front office. Administrative staff can be ready to contain minor issues before they escalate into major incidents. The SAFE System Administration Package will bring peace-of-mind for Administrators, Principals, Vice Principals, secretaries, office staff, and guests.

  • 1. Press the Alert Notification Button to silently activate the system. The Alert Button can be mounted under a desk, on a wall or anywhere your staff needs.

  • 2. The EduCam360 security camera is activated and provides a live audio and video feed. This high-definition camera can show the room in a “fish eye” 360° view, two panoramic 180° scenes, four 90° or a single Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) image.

  • 3. Alert message is instantly sent via the MS-1000 Monitoring Station to designated responders. Lights flash and an alarm sounds. Specific details of the location, date and time are immediately shown on the LED display.

  • 4. Appropriate assistance can be dispatched quickly with clear and concise information. Emergency personnel can respond to the emergency fully prepared for the situation.

  • 5. An optional recording of the incident or emergency can be made for future use. Our VIEWPath Classroom can be integrated to the SAFE System to capture critical video and audio.

Situations can happen anywhere in a school. That is why it is important to have SAFE System resources available throughout the full campus.