VIEWpath (Video Interactive Education Window) is a professional development platform designed to help teachers enhance instruction through personal video. Teachers access VIEWpath to record, store and share lessons. Their purpose? Discover what drives more collaborative discussions, better lesson delivery, and student and teacher success. The result? Teachers unlock a higher level of excellence in their teaching than they ever thought possible.

Record Store Share

Record lessons for:

  • self improvement
  • Evaluate questioning and rigor
  • Analyze rate of speech and wait time
  • Identify movement patterns
  • Assess voice inflection
  • Review lesson objectives
  • Measure student engagement
  • Organize digital curriculum

Share lessons for

  • Best practice and exemplary lessons
  • Student review and reflections
  • Pre-recorded lessons for substitutes
  • Daily lessons available for sick and homebound students
  • Teacher observation or peer/coach review
  • Honest feedback from trusted sources
  • Flipped classroom
  • Newton County’s success with VIEWpath

    In 2013, the Newton County School System (NCSS) in GA was in search of a tool to help instruction grow from a new perspective. That’s when they found VIEWpath. When NCSS gave teachers VIEWpath, they also gave them total control of their cameras to record, store, and share lessons at their discretion. Administrators were surprised to find teachers collaborating on their own, analyzing teaching techniques and seeking advice. The result? Higher quality teaching and improved student performance. According to Samantha Fuhrey, Superintendent, Newton County Schools have shown “improvement levels higher than the rest of the state,”3 and won the 2014 IMS Global Award for their implementation of VIEWpath.

    For more information on Newton County’s implementation of cameras in the classroom with VIEWpath, download the white paper.

    “If we want students to learn more, teachers must become students of their own teaching. They need to see their own teaching in a new light”2

    – Tom Kane, Professor of Education and Economics at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and Leader of MET project

    Sharyn C. Gabriel, Former Principal of Ocoee Middle School
    Sharyn C. Gabriel, Former Principal of Ocoee Middle School

    “The VIEWPath system has been a great asset. It serves as an invaluable coaching tool. Teachers can record their lessons for later viewing and reflect on their practices. Additionally, teachers invite administrators or instructional coaches to “cyber coach” them in real time and receive on the spot feedback as they move throughout the lesson. VIEWPath ultimately will dramatically change the way we deliver professional development to our teachers. It will truly allow us to become the invisible coach in our classrooms.”

    Keisa Taylor, Principal, Liberty Middle School
    Keisa Taylor, Principal, Liberty Middle School

    “It improved my teachers’ practices. Once I was able to view some of the videos and recordings of the teachers, I saw that they were being more reflective with their teaching after they watched a recording.”

    Dale Lynch, Superintendent, Hamblen County Schools
    Dale Lynch, Superintendent, Hamblen County Schools

    “VIEWPath is cutting edge technology that gives teachers, administrators, and external evaluators, the ability to improve instructional effectiveness in ways we have never had before. ‘Breaking down film’ is not just for coaches trying to win state championships anymore. VIEWPath lets us break down classroom film to win the real battle…understanding teaching strategies that produce the greatest results.”

    Teachers image viewpath overview


    VIEWpath enables teachers to reflect, analyze, and enhance instruction, paving the way for efficient professional growth.

    • Easy-to-use interface for all teachers
    • Teacher controlled camera
    • Enhanced effectiveness of coach’s feedback
    • Scheduling flexibility for collaboration and communication with coaches and PLCs (Professional Learning Communities)
    • Creates models for best practice and assessment


    “91% of educators felt that simply filming their instruction would help them improve their practices.”4


    Students & Parents image viewpath overview

    Students & Parents

    VIEWpath allows students and parents to review lessons and other educational content at home.

    • Personalized learning: students review lessons as many times as they need to understand concepts
    • Creates anytime learning opportunities, anywhere an Internet connection is available
    • Allows for sick, homebound, or hospitalized students to access lessons
    • Improves parents’ ability to help their student with homework by allowing them to review lessons


    77% of teachers polled said they would be willing to select and submit a video for use in a formal evaluation.5


    Coaches & Administrators image viewpath overview

    Coaches & Administrators

    Teachers have the flexibility to choose lessons to share with coaches, PLCs or administrators for insightful feedback and tips.

    • Anytime, anywhere lesson review
    • Collaborate with teachers, coaches, and PLCs
    • Streamline and personalize professional growth
    • Analyze camera usage reports to evaluate return on investment
    • Observer calibration


    Download the VIEWpath Brochure
    Download the VIEWpath Architectural Specs
    Cameras in the Classroom White Paper
    VIEWpath Step-by-Step Manual

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