XD Receiver


The Right Technology for the Right Situation

Until now, administrators have been limited as to where they can install audio systems. Infrared devices are great for most classroom environments, but there are a variety of settings that require a specialized audio solution: such as open plan classrooms, windowed rooms, portable classrooms, and even outdoors. XD Technology is that solution.

The XD Receiver is the control center for the XD classroom microphones. This device receives audio signals and translates them into crystal-clear instruction through cutting-edge Audio Enhancement speakers. This receiver does not permit unpaired microphone audio to bleed into its speaker system. Using XD Technology, the benefits of classroom amplification can now be found in specialized spaces such as those mentioned above. XD Technology products and IR devices can be installed in the same school to guarantee that the needs of the specific space are met.
Only sold in the United States of America.

The XD Receiver offers the following benefits:

  • Prevents microphones that are not paired to the receiver from bleeding through
  • LED indicators make it easy to tell if microphones are properly connected at a glance
  • Linking the microphones to the receiver is fast and easy

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XD Receiver Highlights
  • System Frequency XD Technology 1.9 GHz
  • Adjustable for optimal coverage from small classrooms to cafes, gyms and other large spaces
  • Accessories: Ceiling tile bridge available, Ceiling/wall mount bracket included
  • XD Teacher Microphone
  • XD Handheld Microphone