SAFE Controller

SAFE Controller 2016 front hood view XS

Welcome to the next generation of SAFE (Security Alert For Education) System technology. The SAFE Controller is the master unit managing all communications across your school network within the SAFE System. All SAFE System communications are logged, creating a record that can easily be perused at the network administrator’s convenience.
Only one SAFE Controller is required per building to receive these excellent benefits in your school.
The SAFE Controller offers the following benefits:

  • Acts as the central relay station for all communications between devices used with the SAFE System. This allows the SAFE Controller to log all transactions that happen between devices for later perusal.
  • Every 3 minutes, the SAFE Controller will search for all SAFE System devices connected to the network to ensure that they are still functioning. If a device is offline, it will notify a network administrator immediately. This ensures that the SAFE System will be up and running in your school when teachers need it most.
  • The SAFE Controller provides one central location for all emails sent to the appropriate people when a device transmits an alert from a classroom.

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