SAFE External Microphone

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The SAFE External Ambient Microphone picks up every sound in a classroom during an emergency. It is discreet, small, and simple to install. Thanks to this almost invisible microphone, first responders will be able to hear everything that is happening in the classroom during an emergency without escalating a situation. It nests comfortably next to the IR-Satellite Dome Sensor / Receiver. This mic is specifically designed to integrate with the MS-250 network interface. Add that extra layer of protection with the SAFE External Microphone.
The SAFE External Ambient Microphone offers the following benefits:

  • Thin, flexible bridge makes it easy to install next to the IR-Satellite
  • Mic plugs into the “Room Microphone” jack on the MS-250
  • Omni-directional electret microphone
SAFE External Microphone Highlights
  • Small microphone that can make a huge difference in an emergency
  • Designed to capture audio from anywhere in the room
  • Provides extra peace-of-mind to administrators
  • SAFE System compatible
  • MS-250 Network Interface