School CIO – Gary Shattuck 7-10-2013

What are your big-picture tech goals for your district?
To provide students with a rigorous, relevant, personalized, learning environment in which they are afforded the opportunity to learn and to
demonstrate learning by producing, by performing, by creating, and by communicating to a global audience. In order for that to occur technology
must be ubiquitous in the school system. We are well on our way to accomplishing that goal. To be more specific, my goals are:

  • To create a very robust technology infrastructure that provides teachers and students with the online resources and the local instructional
    resources they need to have a digitally enriched learning environment
  • To create a 1:1 environment through a variety of methods
  • To provide a technology support system to respond quickly to problems, and to provide an instructional support system that leverages technology
    to deliver meaningful and purposeful lessons
  • To protect all the data that we currently store in an environmentally protected area, and to provide a disaster recovery and business continuity
  • To allow some cloud services to take the pressure off current resources
  • To provide teachers with the daily opportunity to video/audio record their classes in order to facilitate: better student engagement, quality self assessment,
    and instructionally advanced pedagogies such as flipping the classroom, and to provide for a safe classroom environment that is conducive to learning.

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