School Emergency Defused by Teacher’s Quick Thinking

On a quiet Tuesday afternoon in Nye County School District, a student’s behavior escalated out of control. He became angry and destructive, tearing down posters, throwing books and upsetting the other students in the classroom. When the substitute teacher was unable to gain control of the child, she realized she needed help. Luckily, the teacher had been equipped with the SAFE System. At the push of a button, the administrative office was notified with a visual and audible alert of the situation and the ceiling-mounted camera began recording the incident. Proper authorities were also notified. Three staff members and a security officer arrived in the classroom within thirty seconds of the alert. They removed the child from the classroom and were able to calm him down as he was escorted to the administrative office. The child’s parents were notified of the incident and, upon arrival to the school, were able to watch the recording and verify exactly what occurred in their child’s classroom. They were supportive of the disciplinary action taken due to their child’s out of control behavior. When the police arrived, the administrators provided video access on their iPads so they were able to view the entire incident.

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