School Planning and Management – Technology Planning & Management Newton County 7-8-2013

Since the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., school safety has been receiving more attention. Many states are even providing additional funds for schools to increase security. Unfortunately, typical security measures like metal detectors, police presence and surveillance cameras can often have the unintentional effect of making school feel like a prison. So, some schools now use advanced technology to improve safety without threatening students.

…Much of the technology used in schools today is multi-faceted…Audio Enhancement, a media technology company, created the system in Newton County that has three components – audio, video and security. Three years ago, the district installed the audio portion, which amplified sound in the classroom. Each teacher wears a microphone and can be heard from anywhere in the room. Surveys and other data have shown that students were more focused and teachers didn’t need to strain to be heard. Last spring, the district started a pilot program for the video component of the system, allowing teachers to record their classes.

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