Smith Springs Elementary To Be A Hub Of Technology – Channel 5 Network

ANTIOCH, Tenn. – It’s a race against the clock to complete work at Smith Springs Elementary. Less than a week before the start of school it was still a construction zone. When we visited hard hats were mandatory
“They’ve lost a lot of lot of work days from snow and from rain,” Principal Lance Forman explained. “We will be ready to go for kids on August 5th.”
Walk inside a classroom and you may think all of the construction is worth the wait.
“If you’re teaching kindergarten in this room you would wear that lanyard and your voice would come out of these four speakers in the room,” Forman said.
Each classroom is a hub of technology, starting with an audio enhancement system. The teacher’s lanyard is a microphone and wirelessly syncs to room’s Wi-Fi. The teacher also controls a camera.
“The camera is not for surveillance. It’s only turned on when teachers want it to be turned on to record instruction to reflect on their lesson.”
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