Technology Boosts Classroom Participation

Students at Ben Milam Elementary are speaking up in the classroom thanks to new technology. It may look like they’re making presentations or singing karaoke, but using a microphone in class is now a regular practice.

Kindergarten, First and Second Grade teachers in 12 classrooms now wear microphones around their necks, projecting their voices through new ceiling speakers. Students also use a hand-held microphone to answer questions and read out loud. Ben Milam Principal Jesse Thomas said the technology keeps kids involved. He said, “If you’ve got a kid that’s reading out loud in a group and then you’ve got another kid across the room, well, anyone whose spent time in a classroom knows if you can’t hear that kid
across the room you just start doing something else you get distracted. That’s no longer a problem”.

The system has only been in place for about six weeks, but teachers say they’ve already seen a difference. First Grade teacher Alyssa Newcomb said, “They remind me to put it on in the morning. I think its easier for them to hear from anywhere in the classroom”. Patricia Robinson also teaches first grade. She said, “It brings out the kids that are really shy, they love getting on there and hearing their voice projected. They will do reading for us and things they normally wouldn’t do because they think its fun”.
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