Employee Spotlight: Alex North, Territory Sales Manager

After teaching for four years, Alex North made his way to Audio Enhancement, where he continues to make an impact in education. North is the Territory Sales Manager over Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia. He is dedicated to not only bringing Audio Enhancement to more schools in his region, but to making sure each of those schools is using the technology to make classrooms more effective. Continue reading “Employee Spotlight: Alex North, Territory Sales Manager”

The Science Behind Classroom Audio

Classroom Audio Systems help all students hear the teacher at a normal speaking tone, despite where they are sitting in class. It is not about making the teacher’s voice louder. No matter how loud a teacher speaks without a classroom audio system, the kids in the back simply can’t hear as well as the kids in the front. That’s due to the Inverse Square Law, which says when the distance from the source of sound doubles, the intensity of the sound is reduced to a quarter of what it started as.
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