New Media Channel on XD Receivers

At Audio Enhancement, we believe that learning begins with hearing. This includes hearing the teacher, other students in the classroom, or the presentation coming from the interactive panel. That’s why we’re excited to announce that our XD Receivers now come with a dedicated media channel. This media channel syncs with a handheld microphone for broadcasting media wirelessly to the classroom audio system.

This new setup gives teachers more flexibility and functionality when using a mobile interactive panel. The panel doesn’t need to be hard-wired to a classroom audio system, so teachers can place it wherever they need it. The media channel also frees classrooms from using the student microphone to stream media. This leaves them a teacher microphone and a student microphone to use alongside a wireless media channel. As a bonus, the handheld microphone acts as a third classroom microphone when not streaming media.

With these resources, students can hear all parts of the lesson, enhancing their opportunity to learn.