Classroom Audio Systems

Because Hearing is Essential to Student Achievement

At Audio Enhancement, Inc., we are improving achievement, attention and ontask learning time. We’re doing it with robust audio solutions that are proven to
enhance student and teacher interactions and increase outcomes. Meanwhile, we are also lowering teacher stress and absences. Sound too good to be true? It’s
not…it’s happening in thousands of classrooms around the world.

A New Solution for Musical Chairs in Classrooms

It’s simple really. If students can’t hear the lesson, they can’t learn or understand what is being taught. Providing distributed sound solutions for classrooms helps students hear the lesson from anywhere in the room. Research demonstrates that adding a sound system to the classroom can impact learning and improve test scores by 7-10%.*

Improved Attention and On-Task Learning

Distributing audio during classroom lessons helps to capture student attention and on-task learning.

Increased Student Participation

Providing an audio solution for students involves them in the lesson and provides a simple way for them to interact with the teacher and lesson content.

Improved Academic Success

Integrated audio solutions help with classroom management, fewer discipline issues and less stress for teachers and students overall.

*Results extrapolated from the MARRS Study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education in 1981.

How Audio Solutions work

With solutions to distribute sound and provide hands-free instruction, Audio Enhancement’s Audio Solutions give classrooms and teachers a robust system that can be customized to fit specific needs.


Wireless microphones provide hands-free instruction and boost student confidence to speak up and participate in class. By utilizing microphones in the classroom, teachers can now speak in their natural, soothing voice to teach their lessons. Since teachers aren’t having to speak loudly to be heard, students no longer feel as though they are being yelled at. Dr. Carl Crandell, from the Department of Communication Processes and Disorders at the University of Florida, stated “We must hold ourselves to higher standards than either mumbling or yelling. If we, with a national policy of focus of ‘leave no child behind’, are serious in our intent, then we had better pay close attention to the effect of amplifying the voice and provide the devices that equalize the learning opportunities in all environments at work, at school, and at home.”


Revolutionary infrared technology distributes sound throughout the classroom to amplifiers and speakers. A property known as the Inverse Square Law states when distance doubles, the dispersing of a single source of sound spreads over four times the area, becoming only 1/4 of its intensity. Just as you would not use one light bulb to illuminate a classroom, a teacher or student’s voice alone is not a sufficient source of sound. Since 60-75% of all learning is auditory, the need for sound enhancement in the classroom is imperative. Utilizing Audio Enhancement’s Classroom Audio Systems, students can hear the teacher speaking no matter where they are seated in the classroom. The classroom audio system enhances the proper pronunciation of letters and sounds, and enables students to hear the tone and inflection of the speaker, thereby increasing comprehension.


One of the fundamental beliefs behind Audio Enhancement, Inc. is that “learning begins with hearing.” Powerful sound technology helps students hear anywhere in the classroom and supports dynamic multimedia lessons.

IR and XD: Using the Right Technology for the Teaching Space

With the availability of both Infrared (IR) and XD Technology, Audio Enhancement’s powerful classroom audio systems are more flexible than ever before. Using a combination of these two technologies, it is simple to create a customized technology solution that will enhance learning for all students, no matter what type of learning space they are in. Here are some of the benefits of IR and XD microphones:

IR Technology

IR microphones send signals to the receiver using infrared light. IR microphones are ideal for the typical, four-walled classroom, with a minimal amount of windows. IR microphones stay contained within the walls of the room in which they are installed, so privacy and interference with other classrooms are not a concern. If your installation will cover many classrooms grouped closely together in an indoor space, IR microphones are the ideal solution.

XD Technology

XD microphones transmit data digitally to their receiver. XD Technology is ideal for open plan classrooms, tech labs, woodshops, classrooms with large windows, large spaces, and even outdoor learning spaces. XD microphones are specifically paired to a particular receiver, meaning that teachers could enter another room wearing their microphone without causing interference. Due to the receivers being paired to microphones on specific channels, more than one teacher microphone and one handheld microphone can be used within the same large space.

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