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A page has been made available for all necessary downloads to install Audio Enhancement products. Visit this page here.

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Warranty Request Form

As part of our Service and Support process, you will need to fill out the Warranty Request Form.. For more information on the Warranty Request submission process, please visit the Support Center page.

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Research and Studies

These studies represent over forty years of research into the benefits of sound enhancement systems in the classroom.  For user convenience, all documents are in PDF format.

Highlighted studies

This is the fundamental study that laid the foundation for sound enhancement systems in classrooms. It was conducted from 1977 to 1980.  The Mainstream Amplification Resource Room Study (MARRS) discovered that teachers using amplification reported improved student attention, fewer distractions, and less need to repeat. To read about the study, click here. For an informational video about the study, please visit our Video page and watch the second video down.
Cameras in the Classroom White Paper
“What comes to mind when you hear “cameras in the classroom”? Most teachers feel like “Big Brother” is watching. IP mounted cameras, such as traditional security cameras, are often used in this way. Cameras have been increasingly present in our nation’s schools. In the 2009-10 school year, 61 percent of public schools reported using one or more security cameras in the halls to watch over the student body, which is an increase of 42 percent since 1999-2000 (NASP, “Research on School Security”). However, there are so many practical benefits to cameras in the classroom. Therefore, an open conversation between administrators and teachers is necessary to address privacy concerns and daily benefits.”

To read the whole white paper, follow this link.

Harvard Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) Best Foot Forward Study

“The Best Foot Forward Project is exploring whether video technology can make the classroom observation process easier to implement, less costly, and more valid and reliable. Further, by putting cameras in the hands of teachers and allowing them to select their best lessons for evaluation, the study aims to learn whether digital video can make the observation process more acceptable to teachers.In 2013, the project was piloted in 100 classrooms in New York City, Georgia, and North Carolina. Currently, 400 teachers and their principals from districts in Delaware, California, Colorado, and Georgia have joined the impact evaluation as the project team examines whether digital video can improve teaching practice and student outcomes, and ultimately transform the way classroom observations are implemented in classrooms around the country.” (original here)View the first year results of the study here.

Audio Studies Conducted from 2009 and Current

Audio Studies conducted from 2008 and older

 VIEWpath (Professional Development) Studies

 SAFE System (Safety) Studies

White Papers

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Support FAQs

For answers to commonly encountered problems, take a look at the list of frequently asked questions here.

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Troubleshooting Guides

For products made 2007 to present, download this PDF for common troubleshooting practices.
For products made 2007 and older, download this PDF for help with FM and IR systems.

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Mic Tips and Tricks

We’ve amassed lots of helpful tips and tricks for using Audio Enhancement microphones. We’ve also created a series of helpful gifs as tutorials on everyday functions of the microphone. To view this helpful information, visit the Mic Tips and Tricks page.

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A wealth of excellent videos has been made available as resources to help understand the benefits of Audio Enhancement, Inc. products. To view the videos, go to the Videos page.

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Most Audio Enhancement products are covered by a 5-year Warranty.
The MS-1000 comes under a 3-Year Warranty.
Certain other Audio Enhancement products carry a 1-Year Warranty.

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